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Polish band Behemoth laid down the law in Copenhagen – and the law is that this quartet is IT in extreme metal a.d. 2014

BEHEMOTH, Amager Bio February 26

Foto: John Mortensson

Dansk version

Well, was that ever a convincing gallop through the black plains of Satan this Wednesday evening or what!?

Yes it was – thanks to the four poles in Behemoth who delivered one of the best excursions into the more sinister corners of Heavy Metal it's been my pleasure to take part in for ages.

Behemoth tread a path both dangerous and not very navigable in metal – the one that runs between black, death and grandiose traditional Heavy Metal – but they do it brillantly. In a way that made me utter "I'll be damned" through clenched teeth several times during the show.

The reason why the path in question is both dangerous and not easily navigable is of course that a lot of other bands of lesser magnitude have tried to go that way – but only projecting style over substance in the process. Meaning that attitude, theatrical tricks and self glorifying poses have been used to hide the fact that the bands in question had fuck all to say. . . even if they unfortunately had 50.000 watts to say it with.

Skullcrush and catchiness
However, while Behemoth are skullcrushing when they have to be, this show primarily prooved that these four gents write great music and once you've penetrated the top layer of noise the whole shebang is actually quite catchy.

And the bandmembers are simply great musicians. Nergal and Seth's mutual playing rivals most other metal twin guitar teams in brillance and their understanding of the value of harmonies soften the bombast on stage at precisely the right moments. While I've rarely heard a drummer in an extreme metalband playing with such variation as Behemoth's Inferno does.

From the opening with the deadly satanic sing-a-long (yeah really!) "Ora Pro Nubis Lucifer" and through the show Behemoth delivered musical hello's to obvious idols like Morbid Angel and Immortal but also to less obvious influences like Manowar and Accept.

As the guy next to me said during another show of dynamics via one of several rock'n'roll grooves in the metalstorm:

"When the hell did you last hear a band in this genre who actually swings!?"

I still owe him an answer to that one...

The show as a whole was one long and convincing lecture in how to put the pedal to the metal in extreme music 2014. If you want to preach to more than the converted that is.

The Oxford Dictionary defines "behemoth" as something "monstrous", "enormous" and "extremely powerful". And I'm telling you that those definitions fit the musical Behemoth quite well too.


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