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Danish rockers Volbeat added yet another triumph to their resume with their headlining show at Sweden Rock Festival – despite shaky musical moments

VOLBEAT, Sweden Rock Festival, June 7

Doc Holliday
Hallelujah Goat
Boa [JDM]
Lola Montez
Ring of Fire / Sad Man's Tongue
Heaven nor Hell
A Warrior's Call
16 Dollars
Dead but Rising
A Broken Man and the Dawn /
Mary Ann's Place /
Rebel Monster /
Making Believe
Radio Girl
Cape Of Our Hero
Maybellene I Hofteholder
Still Counting
Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza
The Hangman's Body Count
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
The Mirror and the Ripper

Dansk version

"I remember the first time we played in Sweden. There were fifteen people there ... And now look at this!"

Right there – just before "Lola Montez" – Volbeat´s ringmaster Michael Poulsen let cool transform into warmth, made an all embracing gesture to the audience and hailed the 30.000 people who on their part embraced Volbeat this evening at the Sweden Rock Festival. When Denmark for an hour and 45 minutes re-conquered southern Sweden.

Michael glowed both with pride and disbelief and I understood where he was coming from. I’ve followed the band since its´ inception and the magnitude of their success worldwide really is hard to fathom occasionally.

Especially on a night like Saturday and at a festival where Volbeat shared top billing with none other than the legendary Black Sabbath.

Read Steffen Jungersens interview with Michael Poulsen

Some critics in the Swedish media had doubted the validity of Volbeat as headliner at the festival’s most prestigious spot Saturday. Apparently our Swedish friend conveniently forgot that Volbeat is actually the festival participants’ fourth most wanted band on the bill. The three most wanted are Iron Maiden, Metallica and AC/DC!

Obviously, Volbeat are fully valid as headliners at Sweden Rock. They still steadily climb the ranks in hard rock’s premier league in 2014. Even if it is sometimes hard to take it all in as I mentioned earlier.

The Swedes are a weirdly reserved rock audience. Never the less their love of Volbeat was more than evident here straight from the beginning when the band hit the stage with "Doc Holliday", "Hallelujah Goat" and "BOA" – delivered in grand style and awash with pyrotechnics.

Perhaps not enough to compete with Rammstein on giving the local fire inspector recurring nightmares but certainly sufficient to warrant a cover version of the pyromaniac Germans’ "Feuer Frei". Should Volbeat ever get those leanings.


Few cracks
Musically the concert showed a few cracks as these premiere shows often do – or maybe the band was simply so overwhelmed by the massive audience that it cost them concentration wise. Fact though that some songs were a little to loosely executed on the night.

They won’t be later on the tour. As we all know these days.

Having said that it was still a bloody great Volbeat evening in Sweden. Not least because of the band’s sense of event and celebration (and that’s what they get the fifth star for here). The giant show was presented to us with the band’s usual mixture of pride and humble gratitude expressed in the boys’ faces.

Right there towards the end when 90 feet tall flames and fireworks spewed from the top of the stage I had a most unusual fit of patriotism. Right there I was really proud of the fact that these were our Danish boys who delivered all of this.

In style and class. I salute you Volbeat. Long may you reign!

Read Steffen Jungersens review of Volbeat in Copenhagen December 2013

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