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Finally! A new band playing classic hard rock’n’roll and playing it exceedingly well – meet Kickin’ Valentina from Atlanta, Georgia

KICKIN' VALENTINA, "Super Atomic", (Highway 9/ Target)

Apart from Airbourne it’s been ages since I’ve heard a new(ish) classic rock’n’roll band to even try and match old masters like AC/DC etc. So it’s about time that Georgia’s very own Kickin’ Valentina made their presence felt which they do in abundance on “Super Atomic” (their second album as far as I know).

Chock full of raw rockers to dance, cheer, drink, fuck and wave your banners around to like “On My Side”, “Dirty Girl”, “Wrong Way” and “Some Kind Of Sex”. Hell, there are even a couple of classics-to-come in the weary road song “Alone” and the insanely catchy party piece “Super Atomic Poster Boy”.

Okay, I admit the lyrics are pretty dumb standard sex, drugs and rock’n’roll fare (quite frankly some of them are totally inane) but I suggest you try and escape the words and listen to HOW authentic vocalist Joe Edwards sings rather than WHAT he sings. The man really has the exact right pipes for this kind of music.

Real classic rock’n’roll through and through presented in a way that it really ought to appeal to any fan of stuff like early Guns N’Roses, Cinderella, AC/DC and even The Stones’ more rocking moments to mention but four (and if any of you remember Junkyard and Little Caesar, you can throw those in the pot as well). Played with fearless conviction, reckless abandon, obvious skill and love for those old chords and riffs that’s the very fabric of every rockfan’s being.

Don’t get the impression that Kickin’ Valentina is just an 80’s throwback act. That would be grossly unfair. They’re too timeless for that, even if their love affair with the sleazy side of Hollywood nightlife in that decade is quite apparent.

But Kickin’ Valentina are way better players than bubblegum pretenders like Poison and Warrant ever were, and they display a deeper understanding and appreciation of real rock music than most of the bands that roamed Sunset Boulevard way back ever did.

To put it bluntly: This is the kind of record from a new band the rock’n’roll world has been desperately crying out for.  It’s uniformly excellent and should be destined for both the charts and arenas of this globe.

Whether that will actually happen in the musical climate of this day and age is anybody’s guess though. To begin with it is up to YOU, the listener, to get yer ass off the couch and get out and support Kickin’ Valentina. So break out the ol’ cowboy boots from the closet, rediscover you rock’n’roll swagger and then  get goin’!
(this review has been presented in English as a favour to the band. Here’s hoping it’ll help ‘em along).


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