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Yet another awe inspiring Joe Bonamassa set - it may be getting boring at this point to rave about this man's tremendous talents but there ain't no way around it and some of us still care about real music!

JOE BONAMASSA "Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks" (Provogue cd/dvd)

Of course there is not, but IF there were such a thing as getting tired of bestowing accolades at certain artists, I'd be rather tired of giving good reviews to Joe Bonamassa by now.

Really, Joe's bottom level when it comes to quality of playing lies where most others will already have burned their instruments in frustration, which is not least impressive considering the insane amount of releases, Bonamassa has lend his name and talent to over the past 15 years (11 soloalbums, two collaboratins with Beth Hart, two with Black Country Communion and an astonishing 13 different live releases at the last count).

Right, so here we are at Colorado's spectacular Red Rocks amphitheatre with Joe Bonamassa and a stellar backing band ripping it up with this frankly magnificent "Muddy Wolf" concert paying hommage to two of the greatest of the great blues legends - yeah, you got it in one; Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf.

Once again Bonamassa's playing is second to none - be it technically, feeling-wise or proving the sheer understanding and love this mand has for the stuff he plays. Honestly, I defy you to find much fault with this bands' renditions of such classics as "I Can't Be Satisfied", "My Home Is On The Delta" and an astonishing "You Shook Me" (the Muddy Waters part) or "How Many More Years", "Spoonful", "Evil" and "Killing floor" (the Howlin' Wolf part).

During this stuff and his own songs "Sloe Gin" and "Ballad Of Joe Henry" which close this concert, Joe more or less delivers a historic account of different blues guitar styles - and NONE of his attempts are much short of awe inspiring - while the backing band here generally shows an understanding of this style that's second to none. A fabulous combo of bassist Michael Rhodes and maybe THE best all round drummer in the World, one Anton Fig, joined by the magnificent keyboardplayer Reese Wynans, harp player Nick Lane, rhythm guitarist Kirk Fletcher and a truly tasteful brass section.

Which all in all leaves the revered cross roads wide open for Joe Bonamassa who - as mentioned before - leaves no style of City Blues uncovered here.

Over the years there's been grumpy purists complaining about Joe being to much about technique and not enough feeling. Well, to them I say (first word starts with an "F" and the second with "Y")! Listen to this master covering the lot from the raging "You Shook Me" to the easy going yet breathtaking fluent "All Night Boogie" and obviously being equally in love with the whole damn thing.

This is fucking fabulous and the only thing that excludes this from the full six star review is the rather workman like and repetitiuous documentary "Joe and Kevin's excellent adventure to the Crossroads" that serves as this DVD's bonus material.

Otherwise: Spoil yourselves! And Joe: Bring on the Buddy Guy tribute next (if I may venture a suggestion).


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