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Tall tales from the road with MERCENARY part 1


René Pedersen, bassist and vocalist for Danish rockers Mercenary, reports from the band's Spanish tour. The band's latest release "Through Our Darkest Days" was "Album of the year" at in 2013.

And now – over to René.

Dansk version

"A famous man once claimed that "travelling is life". This man (H.C. Andersen, editorial note) obviously never had to leave Aalborg Airport ridiculously early in the morning without having slept the previous night.

Having said that I really do love travelling – especially when Mercenary is allowed to tour and play our music around the world.

This time the destination is Spain and two shows in Bilbao and Madrid respectively. It’s been a few months since our last shows and we’re all happy and excited to get out an conquer the stages around Europe.

As usual the whole thing kicks off in a mess and check-in bureaucracy at the airport. But in the end we get all our instruments on board the plane without having to pay exorbitant extra fees for luggage and so on. On the flight we start mentally preparing for the shows in Spain while enjoying coffee and sandwiches.

This is only the second time we play Spain. In 2010 we played in Barcelona as a part of the "Power Of Metal" tour that also featured prominent names like Nevermore, Symphony X and Psychotic Waltz.. This time we headline a bill with local bands and a rather wellknown Spanish band called Orion Child as support.

At the Madrid airport we’re met by a happy Spanish promoter called David. He’s there to collect us and make sure we get to Bilbao in the Basque Country for the first show.

Transportation turns out to be a VW Transporter that seats nine but has way too little room for our luggage. However, with a bit of luck and some strong arms we actually get everything and everybody on board the bus. Even if Martin and Peter had to sit jammed up against loads of luggage. Not much else to be done other than be getting on our way hoping that the driver wouldn’t have to slam down the brakes too often during the trip.

Life on the road ain’t for the lilylivered.

After a four hour drive that felt like ten due to lack of sleep, trapped in this bus on the Spanish highways, we arrive at the hotel. It’s mid afternoon and we decide to have a look around town before dinner. En route to the city centre we visit the world famous Guggenheim Museum – the building is beautiful and a wonder of architecture. A must-see if you’re ever in Bilbao.

I take the mandatory 5000 photos, numerous "selfies" and is now confident in claiming that – yeah – I was there! But my private photosession comes to an end by the simple fact that the nourishment from the airline sandwiches has run it’s course and we’ve got to get something to eat.

Enter supportband Orion Child who greet us with enthusiasm and introduce us to local traditions and the Basque take on tapas called "pintxos". We dig in and wash everything down with wine and beer. Not a bad way to eat I tell you.

The Spanish adventure can start for real now ..."

The second part of Mercenary’s Spanish report soon follows. Watch this space.


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