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Tall tales from the road with MERCENARY part III


Where Mercenary takes on Madrid and gets a reception that leaves both band and audience longing for even more. René – leadsinger and bassist – takes up the story:

Danish version

Read first part of the tale here

mercenary"I wake up rested and in a great mood. Take a long shower and prepare myself mentally for the long drive from Bilbao to Madrid.

This time though the bus is packed more sensibly and the comfort is definitely up compared to the drive up to Bilbao. This is thanks to our soundengineer Tommy B who always maintain focus and who's usually find the best solution to even the biggest problems.

We're ready to meet the Spanish highways and it's that much easier when you've got Lamb Of God in the earphones and "Asphalt 6" on the I-pad. Four and a half hours later we arrive in Madrid. Tonight's venue is called "We Rock" – it's a cozy underground club blessed with an interior that resembles a bathroom in a mid-nineties porn movie.

Anyway; it's obvious from the beginning that tonight's party is gonna be good.

Rock over Madrid
We stack our stuff in the flat that's been allocated across the road from the venue. It's on the topfloor of the building and it's nice and roomy and a great place to relax. Quite homely actually – were it not for the Spanish interior and the foreign voices that meet you when you turn up the TV.

After the soundcheck we're met with the first of two photographers who've contacted us in advance for photo-sessions. This one is working on a project called "Rock Over Madrid". He takes pictures of every rock and metal band who comes to town and snaps pictures of them in locations around the beautiful city.

We're photographed on top a huge shopping mall in the center. A great place to take in the view of this impressive capital. Later we dine at a close by restaurant – recommended by the promotor – and before we've had a chance to even order the host brings us pies and bread and more. We're almost full before we ever get a glance at the menu. Only almost though! (Food is quite an issue in this band isn't it? Ed.)

mercenary-03-300Rip it up!
After dinner: photosession number two.

This time a sweet young photographer leads us around the venue and told to pose this-and-that way while she snaps happily away. In the end we kinda lose the "tiger look" and after the fifth pose patience is running out. Luckily we're almost done and everything's fine.

Before the show I take a stroll through the audience to catch some of Orion Child's show and are pleasantly surprised by the amount of happy and enthusiastic fans who meet me and wants pictures taken with me. After a welcome like that you're ready to rip it up let me tell you.

So we change into battledress and get ready to tear up Madrid. The one and a half hour show fly by in a haze of pleasure in a venue filled with fans who obviously enjoy it as much as we do.

And this was only the beginning of the evening.

A change of clothes and ready to meet the fans. To meet and shake hands with the good people who has made it possible for the band to come to Spain and play sold-out shows – very few feelings can compare with that.

We spend the rest of the evening and night in the company of Spanish drinks which to our indefinite pleasure holds very little soda and huge amounts of alcohol. Now that's the way to do it!

This ain't the last time we'll come to Spain that's for sure. But until the next time – thank you for this one!

Viva España!"


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