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Doubting whiners were shown the exit as D-A-D threw one helluva party as Copenhell closers

D-A-D, Copenhell, June 13

Photo: John-Son

Dansk version

Right then. I've reviewed D-A-D quite often lately, so I'll keep this short and to the point.

D-A-D did what they had to do and they did it bloody excellently. Closing this years' Copenhell festival with all guns blazing and an attitude that trumpeted loud and clear: Now we're gonna fucking show ya!

Playing the 25 year old classic "No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims" album in reverse order by at band – as written quite a few times this year already – in a rare form not heard og seen for decades.

So they did. Show us, that is.

"Fucking hell, Copenhell!" an exuberant Jesper Binzer yelled.

"Isn't it incredible that we wrote the title song to this festival 20 years before it actually existed!"

Into "Rim Of Hell" – a song as welcome this late night as the Danish aquavit schnapps the bartender insisted on pouring into my coffee.

Twenty years ago D-A-D guaranteed that "best damn party at the rim of Hell", and they still do in general and in 2014 especially.

Show some respect
When D-A-D were called upon to substitute for Megadeth who cancelled their appearance due to illness I heard the fundamentalist whine that Copenhell were "going mainstream". My decent upbringing and to a certain degree my concern the legislation on slander I have not made any comments on that so far.

However, show some respect folks! It would serve you well to remember that D-A-D in various spaces of time over the past 30 years were THE only rock'n'roll band in Denmark. Those periods when "rock" in this country according to the media was constituted by female pop singers and indie bands who wouldn't know their way around their instruments if they had GPS apparatus attached.

"Great songs. Finally," I caught myself thinking while the punters around me danced the night away to "Lords Of The Atlas", "Girl Nation",  "Wild Talk", "True Believer" og "Siamese Twin".

I am a mega fan (no pun intended) of Megadeth but for chrissakes let be thankful for good stuff folks!

Obviously, D-A-D have the experience to know better than accept a closing gig at Copenhell if they did not know they'd be fully capable of taking the job on. So just like in the old days they played a set of raging rockers. So raging actually that they reminded me of those triumphant headlining shows at Roskilde Festival in those old days.

Maybe it's about time they were invited back out there.

D-A-D are THAT good in 2014. Rock and roll for the love of it. I for one do not demand more than that.

Okay, this review got longer after all. What's in your heart will overflow from your pen I guess. Thanks D-A-D ...


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