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A return to the clubs see veterans D-A-D revitalised as shown at an absolute stormer of a show Wednesday night

D-A-D, Støberihallen, Hillerød, March 5th.


Dansk version

Goddamn, what a wonderful Wednesday!

Now, right there’s a sentence you rarely see describing a Wednesday. Here it is though – thanks to pertinacious Danish rockers D-A-D. On tour in honour of their 30th. Anniversary.

During this particular wonderful Wednesday evening they defied age and time with a marvelous delivery of swing, joy of playing and – of course – rock’n’roll. It’s been years since I last heard D-A-D deliver like they did here.

Certain people who park their “intelligence” in the part of their anatomy that’s normally used for sitting often parade their ignorance by throwing phrases like “dinosaurs”, “clichéd” and “past their sell by date” when rockbands dare prolonging their careers past the point where they’ve actually learnt to play.

Well, let those people choke on their hipster beards. ‘Cause rarely have a concert like this put out the signal that it ain’t necessarily a drawback having a – ahem – few years of experience when you not only have to go out there and deliver. . . but go out there and deliver to an extent so you can present the faithful fans with something special. Even after all these years.

Living and breathing
And something special was exactly what 500 fans were presented with this evening. Thanks to a band who – 30 years anniversary or not – is still a living, breathing organism. Armed this evening with an inspired setlist and both the skills and the will to play both newer and older songs in said setlist into the not so often visited corners of Disneyland.

This show was one of the last dates on the Danish part of the club tour D-A-D has chosen to celebrate their anniversary. The decision to return to the sweaty clubs for a while was clearly a clever move. It really does become the quartet to be up close and in your face.
D-A-D appeared revitalized with singer Jesper Binzer in a – even for him – supremely celebratory mood. The others were close behind and already during second song, “Ride My Train”, I had a sneaking suspicion that this could develop into something quite extraordinary.

And that’s what we got. To an extent that the corners of your mouth kept setting the course upwards via a heavy and dynamic ”Cloudy Hours”, a groovy medley of  ”Call Of The Wild” and ”Jonnie”, a furious ”Money Always Takes The Place Of Life”, a tough-as-nails “Monster Philosophy” and the teeth grinding “Reconstrucdead” (including a thrash metal intermezzo!) – to mention just five.

Everything was brillantly played. Not least by leadguitarist Jacob Binzer and the priceless Laust Sonne behind the drums. The way this guy plays you actually get the feeling that nothing can go wrong as long as he’s up there navigating the ship through even the most treacherous of waters.

And rarely have I recieved such effective therapy for my sometimes prolonged residencies in the darker corners of my mind as when D-A-D late in the show put the pedal to the metal with  ”Everything Glows”, ”Evil Twin”, ”Ill Will” (yeah!) and the joyous Black-Sabbath-meets-AC/DC-in-the playroom” version of  ”Counting The Cattle”.

As a whole a totally brillant night and one of those concerts that saw and hour and a half fly by and the only wish you were left with was:

One more time D-A-D! Please ...


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