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Supercharger have released their best album so far with what is one on going declaration of love for rock'n'roll

SUPERCHARGER "Broken Hearts And Fallaparts" (Gain/ Sony)

Danish version

If you make the effort and cultivate the exercise known as "keeping your ear to the ground" you'll realise that there are one helluva lot of great new(ish) rockbands on the loose in the home country of The Ugly Duckling.

Listening to stuff from Stella Blackrose to Shotgun Revolution, from Förtress to Forcentury and from Go Go Berlin to Black City you have every chance of participating in shaking the foundations – to paraphrase AC/DC. And really folks; there ain't alternatively no excuse for supporting various TV-channels' ridiculous "talent"shows – where the only talent really on show are parents' talent for getting their auto-tuned tonedeaf kids on the air!

Right then.

I truly like most of the new Danish rockbands but I do have a preference for the six guys in Supercharger. That's not likely to change with the bands' third album "Broken Hearts And Fallaparts". On the contrary.

Supercharger come – sorry! – charging outa the starting line with heads held high, courage and pride in what they do. 'Cause the band really wants this rock'n'roll thingie and their love for the very concept of rock'n'roll is usually only equalled in the US south.

It's their love of rock'n'roll and the myths around it – much like Volbeat's actually – that make Supercharger something special.

Their admiraton for the way classic rock'n'roll was meant to be is evident from the very first song here, "Like A Pitbull", and subsequently same admiration and love take the frontseat of the imaginary Cadillac thanks to the track "Supercharger" – with the telling lyric "We've got the boogie woogie cure as a guarantee".

Other songs like "Blood Red Lips" (featuring Ralf Gyllenhammer of Mustasch as guest vocalist), the happy-go-lucky boogie "Five Hours Of Nothing"and the proudly piano-tinged rock'n'rollers "Suzi The Uzi" and "Get What You Reserve" are quite simply irresistible.

To cut a long story short this is catchy as hell and the sound is obviously produced by someone who knows about as much about polishing sound as I do about techno.

"Broken Hearts And Fallaparts" is the most rare of commodities "the real thing" by a band who probably would fire any guitarist who doesn't sling his instrument below waist height – yeah, you know what I mean.

I'm not saying that the first two Supercharger albums weren't the real deal. But this one is even better!

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