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Former Whitesnake guitarist, 63-year-old Bernie Marsden, showing his old colleagues, how it’s done

BERNIE MARSDEN, ”Shine” (Mascot)

You can’t but love an album like this.

English guitarist Bernie Marsden's new album with the fitting title "Shine" that is. This work truly shines – with an energetic excursion in bluesrock, classic rock and AOR.

Bernie Marsden was one of the lead guitarists in what some of us call the true Whitesnake. Marsden played on Coverdale and company’s quintessential first five albums from "Trouble" in 1978 by "Love Hunter", "Ready An 'Willing" and "Come An 'Get It "to" Saints An' Sinners "in 1982. 
Should anyone be in the slightest doubt about how much Marsden meant for Whitesnake's sound and songs at the time,  "Shine" supports overwhelming evidence that Marsden was just as crucial to Whitesnake at the time, as David Coverdale was.

Whether Bernie excels with blues rock, dazzling bluesy balladry, melodic rock or ZZ Top influenced boogie, "Shine" deliver that exact energetic swing, Whitesnake excelled in back then. You know the kind that makes you lean back contentedly and make available its pivoting foot in the following eternal truth: 
"Yes, you're right! Real music played by real musicians who love what they do. Then you just tap away! "

Prominent guests

Just take a look at the guests on this album! Ian Paice and Don Airey from Deep Purple, Joe Bonamassa and the aforementioned David Coverdale to name just four. 
Coverdale lend his vocal talents to a fine remake of the title track from the aforementioned "Trouble" album, but even though he is welcome, it had not actually been necessary.

Marsden turns out to be a great singer himself and through out the album he breathes life and presence into the songs – be it enjoyable eighties rock as "Walk Away" or the bleeding blues that is "Lady Friend". 
In addition, all his guitar solos - of course - a phenomenally fluid, harmonic and melodic. It's a goddamn pleasure to hear music this excellently executed and as classic English bluesy heavyrock goes, “Shine” is actually better than anything Marsden's old colleagues and peers in Deep Purple and Whitesnake has done for years. 
Good tunes from start to finish, well played from start to finish and brillantly produced by producer Rob Kass.

Really folks, what’s not to like.

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