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Wall-to-wall wellness

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The last date of Volbeat's world tour 2013 was every bit the party you could have hoped for – one of the concerts of the year no less

VOLBEAT, Forum, Frederiksberg 1.12.

Foto: John Mortensson
Listen up: I'm about to reveal a secret to Joe Public and fellow critics alike.
Sometimes you can actually achieve happiness and add quality to the entity known as "life" if you loosen the reviewer's cap and just enjoy the party you've been invited to.
Just for your information.
Which brings us to Volbeat's second concert and end-of-tour show at Copenhagen's Forum arena sunday night.
I could have chosen to ramble on about how the previous sunday's show was played tighter, or I could've lost my cool when guest vocalist Johan Olsen missed a couple of beats during "A Garden's Tale". Or other minor complaints.
However, they are but exactly that: minor complaints. And why make 'em when Volbeat invites you on a wall-to-wall wellness ride through a night, where the band – hell bent on a party – let perfectionism take the backseat to the band's surplus of sheer joy and musical confidence.
It was exactly what the doctor ordered on a night where winter depression did it damnedest to drain yours truly of the last reserves.
Well, the depression in question vanished quicker than you could say "oh, fuck it!" as Volbeat let go with "Doc Holliday", "Hallelujah Goat" and one of the finest sonic rides down the Pacific Coast Highway in an open top Cadillac, I've ever heard, the excellent catchy "Radio Girl".
This is what Volbeat do so brillantly. Even now the band are totally without the mannerisms and delusions of grandeur that in hard rock especially often seem to be a steady part of the diet.
Yeah, of course Volbeat are cool – but they're cool for all the right reasons.
Because they love being on stage.
Because they love what they do.
Because they love their audience.
And because – as a sneaking suspicion tells me – they love that little thing called rock and roll.
That kind of thing is plain infectious.
As the ride took us through "The Nameless One", "Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood" and "Heaven Nor Hell" to the highlights of the evening "Mary Ann's Place" and "Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booza" – the aforementionede "Pool..." featuring guest guitarist Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth dressed in a ballerina skirt! It sure wasn't a pretty sight but then again – now I've seen that too.
When guest vocalist Pernille Rosendahl dragged a marvellous "Mary Ann's Place" towards heaven both band an audience hit their stride to an extent where I've rarely experienced so many happy smiles in my near vicinity. And yes; I did notice a dear friend of mine wiping away tears of joy during that song.
Just there. The ability to create an atmosphere like that is in itself a sign of quality.
But don't let the opening words of this review fool you into believing that Volbeat didn't play well. Despite the aforementioned minor complaints Volbeat played magnificently and even occasionally surpassed themselves. This can be hard to describe in writing – but when a tight playing band allows themselves to loosen up a little there is so much more room for swing and dynamics.
And that's what happened with Volbeat here. Drummer Jon Larsen and leadguitarist Rob Caggiano held the safety net in place during the concert while singer and guitarist Michael Poulsen and bassist Anders Kjølholm let loose on the entertainment line – so to speak.
That kind of playing isn't taught in any schools I can think of. But a good enough band with sufficient confidence in themselves can deliver exactly that on a good night.
And this wasn't just a good night. It was a great fucking night – and one of the concerts of the year ...

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