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Statement’s debut is an excellent rockalbum – awash with feeling and enthusiasm for classic rock’n’roll

STATEMENT, "Monsters" (Mighty Music)

Well, this truly warms the cockles with a battle hardened veteran such as yours truly.

What does?

The fact that Denmark thanks to Copenhagen band Statement has been presented with yet another brilliant hard rock band that’s what! And a band playing classic hard rock’n’roll rather than yet another obscure interpretation of Heavy Metal.

To put it conservatively I have nothing against Heavy Metal (candidate for "understatement of the year" right there!). But having said that, it’s quite a relief for a change to experience a band like Statement who quite obviously has put a great deal of effort into creating both great melodies and rock hard catchy guitarriffs a’la classic Guns N’Roses/ Slash and Scorpions with added sonic references to Metallica ca. "The Black Album".

And you know what? It’s an unbridled pleasure to listen to when Statement with great enthusiasm take off with the driving classic rock song that is the title track and proudly fly the flag for every man and woman’s right to real rock’n’roll all the way. Not unlike the like minded and fellow Copenhagen band Shotgun Revolution actually.

The songs are generally very good and most importantly they’re played by musicians with a great understanding for the genre. Not least lead guitarist – a true rock’n’roll guitar slinger with top marks and diploma from the Slash, Angus Young and Matthias Jabs (Scorpions) school of six string wizardry. Larsen lets his strings sing with equal measures of attack, feeling and melodi on several excellent solos here. Not least the exquisite tour de force that is the solo on semiballad "Crawling".

The whole thing quite makes you wanna party. And then party some more. And let one thing be clear now:

If rock’n’roll is suffering a crisis in Denmark it’s not because we lack great bands but rather those potential fans who instead of hitting town to discover new talent lean back on the couch and let their brains numb by various talent shows and self appointed "musical experts" – all of them with nothing to say but unfortunately with way too much airtime on TV to say it in.

Check out Statement please! They truly are "only" rock and roll and that much better because of it.


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