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The headline serves as Dan Baird and Homemade Sin’s motto and we take this opportunity to salute the former Georgia Satellites boss – a true blue collar rock’n’roller who deserve way more attention than he gets

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Right, the serious campaign for real rock and roll starts right here!

All right, we know that said campaign actually started when we debuted this webzine, but this time we’re talking one of the aging editor’s serious favorites.

Think Roskilde Festival 1988.

Think the concert that closed said festival on juli 3rd. that year.

Think four men from Atlanta, Georgia.

Think The Georgia Satellites.

Well, The Rolling Stones may claim the title this summer, but so far that concert in 1988 is the best tribute to real rock and roll I’ve ever experienced at a festival that on this particular evening really was the epicenter of the basic primitive force we deal with here.

Quite simply it was an insane evening. Roughly 50.000 people in various stages of festival decay attended the show. Had they hoped that they’d be sent home with a loving pet on the cheek, they were spectacularly wrong.

Rather they got beaten senseless – in the nicest possible way – as they witnessed an outstanding masterclass in what Bruce Springsteen once dubbed "the power and majesty of rock and roll". As the Satellites ploughed through a setlist that really added new dimensions to the expression "fuck yeah!"

Via their own songs like "Railroad Steel", "Keep Your Hands To Yourself", "Battleship Chains" and "Can’t Stand The Pain" adding lots of classics like "Something Else", "Shake, Rattle And Roll", "Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On" and "It’s Only Rock’n’Roll".

A cloud of dust
As the night progressed the audience were kickstarted into one last and truly gigantic party – Sunday or no Sunday. A party so convincing that you could hear people yelling "Shake, rattle in roll" through the night in the streets of Roskilde. Take my word for it. I was there and we simply didn’t want the feeling to stop.

In unpretentious frontman Dan Baird’s own words, Georgia Satellites were "three chords and cloud of dust", and he described the band’s greatest hit "Keep Your Hands

To Yourself" as "three chords and me yelling something stupid on top of ‘em."

The Satellites are no more but apart from the fact they truly deserve yet another tribute the real reason for these lines is that Dan Baird with his present band Homemade Sin brilliantly continues the tradition.

For instance in the Skt. Gertrud club in Malmö on June 18th. and – not least – at the best venue in Copenhagen, Amager Bio, on November 10th.

However, Dan and company simply don’t get the attention they truly deserve which I’m trying to remedy a bit with this article (there’s your reason for "the campaign for real rock and roll" line that opens this piece). I’ve seen Dan Baird and Homemade Sin numerous times and it’s been a great experience every single time for exactly the same reasons that legendary Roskilde show was great.

Other than Dan two other former Satellites members are to be found in Homemade Sin: bassist Keith Christoper and drummer Mauro Magellan. The band is completed by the truly extraordinairy rock’n’roll force that is one Warner E. Hodges (also the guitarist in Jason & The Scorchers).

Ladies and gentlemen: This is the real deal and here are just ten reasons why you should support Dan Baird and his merry men:


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