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They played the biggest concert any Danish act has ever drawn on hometurf - that kind of thing commits and Volbeat acknowledged this by plain an absolute blinder in Odense

VOLBEAT, Accept, Tusindårsskoven, Odense, Saturday August 1st.

Now listen here people. I've been haunted by this thought quite a few times in recent years. It ain't particularly original but the thought reads something like this:

"What the fuck am I going to do if Volbeat yet AGAIN outdo themselves?"

Which of course they did in front of 37.000 people in Odense Saturday night.

So what was I gonna write? After having followed the band for around ten years during which Volbeat's career has gone from strength to strength. While for the last five years same career has veritably skyrocketed.

Every time I've figured that NOW the band had finally hit the ceiling and couldn't go any further, they've found a crack in said ceiling to be able to let the rocket ride towards rock and roll nirvana continue.

Here I welcome you to Tusindårsskoven (The Forest of a 1000 years, ed.) in fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen's hometown Odense. A rock'n'roll fairy tale this show sure turned out to be. Volbeat's only European concert this year and 37.000 people from 30 different countries in attendance.

No Danish band has ever managed this on homeground.

"I can't believe it," quoth a flabbergasted Michael Poulsen later that evening.

Neither could I.

This was a record breaking evening in the first place, but just to set the bar even higher for themselves Volbeat hired German metal legends Accept as special guests. A truly inspired move on Volbeat's part as Accept rose to the occasion with an excellent display of classic Heavy Metal - ranging from newer songs like "Stampede", "Stalingrad" and "Final Journey" to evergreens like "Restless And Wild", "Metal Heart" and the inevitable "Balls To The Wall".

Impeccably played, fucking excellent songs and if truth be told completely on par with the headliner's display later that evening.

Following Accept the main act really and if ever did have their balls to the wall (sorry). They had to deliver. Big time!

But of course the did just that. Volbeat hit the stage with - even for them - pulverizing power and energy surplus combined with the usual display of disbelief that all those people were there in their honour.

The way they did it made me real proud of 'em - and I'm normally not particularly prone to patriotism. But being a witness to THIS? Well, I'm sure you know what I mean.

This show was a cornucopia of great songs and moments to match and you can add an absolutely excellent and LOUD sound to that.

To mention but a few highlights:

The truly inspired medley of "Heaven Nor Hell", "Warrior's Call" and "I Only Wanna Be With You".

Pernille Rosendahl's beautiful contributions to great versions of "Lonesome Rider" and "Mary Ann's Place" - the roar of approval from the audience as she hit the stage in "Mary Ann. . ." visibly brought tears to Pernille's eyes. Understandable and truth be told my eyes became a little misty as well.

I've said it before but occasionally it really is quite breath taking the way Pernille's ethereal vocal fits in with Volbeat massive wall of sound. She quite simply adds dynamics as does Jakob Øelund's stand up bass rockabilly playing on "16 Dollars" and "Lonesome. . ."

Add to that the thunderous new song "The Devil's Bleeding Crown" that could teach modern day Metallica a lesson or two as far as Heavy Metal conviction goes, an intense display of pyro throughout and a band on top of their game and the expression "a night to remember" became sadly inadequate.

A show that was one of the biggest manifestations of power I've ever seen any Danish band deliver. Technically I've seen better Volbeat shows but I doubt I've seen 'em deliver quite so convincingly and with such delightful joie-de-vivre as they did in this case.

In short: It was fucking outstanding!


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