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The priceless Overkill has done it yet again - made ​​an album so energetic that it leaves their competitors bruised and not least out of breath at the roadside

OVERKILL, "White Devil Armory" (Nuclear Blast)

In many ways, Overkill from New Jersey is that rare commodity: an exemplary Heavy Metal band. Given that it is simply marvelous how this criminally neglected enterprise 34 years and now seventeen studio albums into their career still come racing out of the starting blocks with rage and hunger gleaming from their eyes like a neurotic Nile crocodile loose in a colony of gazelles with  bad hips.

That quality is certainly worth celebrating at a time when even bands like the mighty Metallica and Slayer occasionally seem too complacent, while the otherwise legendary Judas Priest on their woeful recent album "Redeemer Of Souls" sadly proved that they may know a lot, but they sure do not know a "last date exceeded" sign, even if said sign is pasted on their collective foreheads.

Overkill don’t have those problems. "White Devil Armory" is one long thunderous thrash and Heavy Metal tour-de-force from the moment they kick off with "Armorist" and the next hour until they close the festivities with a masterful version of Nazareth classic "Miss Misery" (digipack and vinyl versions). 
In between those two, pearls are presented by the bucket load to our metal hearts’ desires. One searing, accurate and in some places avant-garde guitar solo takes the other, the rhythm section can take a marathon runner’s breath away, before you can shout "knock it off, man!" while  singer Bobby Ellsworth’s coarse chest beating vocals are as compelling as ever. 
There really is not a hell of a lot more to say.

Aside from this: Overkill has done it again, and if you are Heavy Metal fan, then you must have this album NOW! 
This band is true pioneers and a gift to the genre.


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