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Danish rockers end their 2016 headline tour of Europe in grand style

VOLBEAT, Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Holland, 15.11.

Let me keep this as short, sharp, simple and to the point as I can:

Volbeat's performance in Amsterdam tuesday night really was vintage Volbeat - the way they should always be. I've enjoyed it when Volbeat have invited outside guests into their performances, but this complete stormer of a concert was rock solid - ROCK being the operative word - proof that they really don't need all that outside stuff.

Maybe they should even consider knocking the whole "guest artist" lark on the head - except at very special occasions.

In Amsterdam there were no guests, vocally or otherwise, and no overplayed songs like "Garden's Tale", "Maybelline" or "Cape Of Hour Hero" - in short: No fucking around, just plain out-and-out no-frills hardhitting rock'n'roll.

Kicking off with "The Devil's Bleeding Crown" and "Heaven nor Hell / A Warrior's Call / I Only Want to Be with You" through to last encore "Still Counting" this was a masterclass in arena rock. The band rocked harder than I've heard 'em for some time and the whole show served as a massive worldwide visible middlefinger to the detractors who've accused Volbeat of selling out and "going pop" in recent years. Especially absolutely raging versions of "Sad Man's Tongue", "Dead But Rising", "16 Dollars", "Ecotone", "BOA" and "Seal The Deal" had the massive Ziggo Dome heaving with no less than five circle-pits going in the 15.000 strong audience. I even found myself headbanging and throwing horns at the band on several occasions - even at my ripe old age, now really!

But frankly; Volbeat was on fire in Amsterdam - not least Rob Caggiano throwing shapes and soloing as if his life depended on it. New(ish) bassplayer Kasper Boye Larsen proved himself a valuable addition to the Volbeat machine - I liked his predecessor Anders Kjølholm's playing but Kaspar's clean tone makes it possible to actually hear what he's playing and I love that. Then you don't need me to tell you that drummer Jon Larsen was his usual rock solid self nor do you need to be told that main man Michael Poulsen as always portrayed the living embodiment of love for the music and humility of being in his priviledged position.

Kudos to the Amsterdam audience by the way. If in doubt about their dedication you should've experienced doing their damnedest to sing along with the Danish (!) chorus in "For evigt" not to mention the way they claimed "Lola Montez" for themselves.

Enough said except something I've so often written about Volbeat: What a great fucking night and way to slay your detractors by the sheer force of volume and dedication. Long may you reign!

The Devil's Bleeding Crown
Heaven nor Hell / A Warrior's Call / I Only Want to Be with You
Lola Montez
Let It Burn
Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
Sad Man's Tongue
Hallelujah Goat
The Gates of Babylon
Dead but Rising
16 Dollars
For Evigt
Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza
Boa [JDM]
Goodbye Forever
Black Rose
Doc Holliday
Seal the Deal
Still Counting


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