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Danish metal veterans Pretty Maids release their new album "Louder Than Ever" on March 21st. (North America Marchs 25th.)

Out of the twelve songs on the album eight are re-recordings of songs originally released from 1994 to 2006. The band has added four new songs – including "Nuclear Boomerang". You can watch the video for that song right here.

Dansk version

Tracklisting for "Louder Than Ever":

"Deranged" (new song)
"Playing God" (originally on  "Planet Panic" from 2002)
"Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth", (originally: "Scream" 1994)
"My Soul to Take" (new song)
"He Who Never Lived" (originally: "Planet Panic")
"Virtual Brutality" (originally: "Planet Panic")
"Tortured Spirit" (originally: "Carpe Diem", 2000)
"With These Eyes" (originally: "Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing", 1999)
"Nuclear Boomerang" (new song)
"Snakes In Eden" (originally: "Anything Worth ...")
"Wake Up To The Real World" (originally: "Wake Up To The Real World", 2006)
"A Heart Without A Home" (new song)


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